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More actions coming soon!

In the meantime…
Why not organise one yourself? We can help with ideas, promotion and resources. See our guide to organising an action, and contact to let us know what you’ve got planned.

9 thoughts on “Get involved

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  7. shame nothing is happening very fast.
    Surely there are a lot of tenants out there that are absolutely dismayed at the state of affairs. my compounded rent increase over the past 3 years is over 50%!!! every year, i have to pick-up a rent increase well above the rate of inflation while new charges are added and increased. while I haven’t had a pay rise in years. The total lack of regulation is an hypocritical nod from the government which should exist to serve us. Instead, across the spectrum, they facilitate daylight robbery by private landlords or banks or anyone that is richer than you.
    one has to scour the net to see that action groups are either confined to a few boroughs across London, without an agenda that is easily available if not non existent. the action is sporadic and and too limited.
    can some one please point me in the right direction?

    • We understand your frustration!

      We think the only way things will change is by us demanding it – but we definitely need to include more people in the campaign, so we’d love you to get involved.

      If you let us know where you’re based, we might be able to put you in touch with other people in your area – and if you drop us a line at we can let you know when our next meet-up is.

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