Been Let Down? Share your story

Have you had a bad experience with a letting agent? If so, please post your story in the comments section below. We’re gathering stories from the many let down renters across the UK to show agents and the government that it’s time for change.


Banner and prop making this Sunday

When: Sunday 14th April, 14:00-16:00
Where: St George’s Town Hall, 236 Cable Street, Shadwell, London, E1 0BL (map)

Join us this Sunday for a practical session making banners and props for our ‘Monopoly themed’ action in north London against letting agents on 27 April. This action will be part of a national day of action against rip off letting agents fees and the overall poor treatment renters suffer at the hands of greedy, totally unregulated letting agents. Click here for more about this action.

Please bring any paints, paper, card, letting agents placards, monopoly sets or anything else!

We’ll be using the letting agents signs that litter our high streets and adapting them so they tell the truth about letting agents! We’ll also be making monopoly themed props and banners.